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The coveted HOOSIER BREW award is given to the best vote - and you can sample some of the best craft beers on hold in downtown Valparaiso at this year's Hoosier Beer Festival.

For fun for all ages, Cedar Lake Summerfest and Crown Point Aquatic Center offer fun for all ages. Visit the South Shore CVA for fun things to do, and come back for more fun activities and activities for kids. We # ve covered the Crown Point real estate market, but we also have here what to expect as you begin to look for property sales in and around Crown Point.

Get informed about events until January 2, 2021, and this post will cover events in Crown Point and other parts of Lake County. Tripadvisor has the best reviews of any travel site in the state of Indiana, with more than 3.5 million reviews in 2016, making it a good resource for Lake County.

Crown Point is located in the heart of Lake County, just a few miles from Lake Park, and ranks among the ten most livable cities in Indiana with a quality of life of 82 out of 100. It is also the second most walkable city in Lake County, behind Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The lakeside town draws thousands of visitors to the Indiana Dunes and the shores of Lake Michigan and has many attractions, including a variety of restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and entertainment facilities, as well as a number of parks and leisure facilities. Leisure activities abound, including the beautiful Classic Park, where fans can cheer on the Indianapolis Colts, Indiana Pacers, Indiana Fever basketball teams and other sports teams.

Crown Point is primarily served by Franciscan Health Crown Point, located at 46307 N. Main Street in the heart of the city. Crown Point's acute care hospital is primarily served by CrownPoint Health, the largest healthcare provider in Indiana with more than 2,000 employees. Crownpoint residents can enjoy a variety of locally owned restaurants, bars, shops and entertainment facilities. The 21 American Grill is named after a fire house and offers a wide range of food and drinks such as burgers, sandwiches, salads, pizzas and more. Other great restaurants with crowns include Carriage Court Pizza (on the corner of Main and Main Streets, just north of downtown) and Tavern on Main near the Indiana State Fairgrounds in downtown Indianapolis, as well as other local restaurants and bars.

Crown Point offers its residents a high-quality school district and one of the best places to live in the country. Compared to the national average, Crown Point is ranked as the safest place for its citizens and the second safest city in Indiana. With its low crime rate and high quality of life, it is also a safe place where all our inhabitants can live.

Compared to the rest of the country, Crown Point has the highest percentage of people married and having children and the lowest child poverty in the state. In addition, our point has been higher than the largest in northwest Indiana for the past three years. The home price to income ratio is 2.6, which is 4% higher than the Indiana average. At Crown Point, the annual appreciation rate is 7.5%, and the 5-year appreciation rate is 3.8%.

Compared to property crimes in the states and states, Crown Point residents are less likely to be victims of property crimes. However, Indiana has no law of its own on petty theft, and Indiana's petty theft laws do not recognize petty theft. Violent crime in Crown Point is also below the Indiana and state averages of the past three years. Try your luck at one of the 5 casinos in Northwest Indiana or book a slot machine at the casino of your choice.

Conveniently located amenities and interesting attractions are great ways to enjoy Crown Point regularly. Those looking for a picturesque Instagram-ready site or just a fun place to enjoy the local atmosphere are hard to come by - and are under pressure to do better than the park itself. The park is well maintained and offers all the amenities that make it a great place to live.

In Life Sites' second episode, which explores landmarks, we turn our attention to a visit to Crown Point, Ind. In addition to Indiana County's Most Wanted, there are a number of other great places to live in Indiana. We have worked hard to maintain our list of the best places to live in Indiana, one way or another.

Crown Hill Cemetery, an icon of India, is known worldwide for its stunning natural beauty and is the most prominent cemetery in the area. Inscribed in 1973 on the National Register of Historic Sites, it is a community treasure that serves a wide range of needs and serves as the final resting place for hundreds of famous Hoosiers and thousands of others who have chosen it for their final resting place. The park, which will be designated a national park in 2019, runs through the middle of Crown Point, Indiana's most popular tourist destination. Fixed routes - public transport, paratransit and public bus services to and from the park.

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More About Crown Point