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The picturesque town of Crown Point, known as the "hub of Lake County," is one of Indiana's most interesting areas. Movoto has the city on its list of the 10 best places to live in Indianapolis. The city, located in Lake County, had 27,317 residents at the time of the 2010 census.

Crown Point became known as one of the Gretna Greens in the country because couples were able to get married quickly here. With no waiting period for marriage licenses, Crown Point became a popular place for couples to get married, and it became known as the "marriage mill."

The Square represents the immediate downtown area of Crown Point and the Square Square Library and Library in Winfield Township. In the late 1950s, the Crown Point Library was renamed the Crown Point Community Library to commemorate its location in the heart of the city, which included Winfields Township, and a new library building. The Crown pointed out that the library has moved to its current location and has expanded into a larger building that provides many services and collections.

In addition to public squares and buildings, there are four private residences listed on the National Register of Historic Places at Crown Point: the Fifield Mansion in Lucrezia, which is listed as one of the oldest private residences in the United States and the largest private home in Indiana. There are numerous historic houses and farms that represent the early history of Crown Point and its history as a farming community. The contributions to Indiana's history and the nation are great, not only for the people of CrownPoint, but also for the events that influenced the agricultural implements invented in this city that is still used by the city today.

Education has been important to Crown Pointers from the beginning, and to illustrate this mission statement, there is a Crown Point Community Library. If you enjoy learning about the past, are interested in regional culture or just want to learn more about our world where our children learn, we have a lot to offer you.

If you think you know a lot about Indiana, check out the blogs on the Wabash website for more information. A few years ago, the college received a scholarship from Lilly Endowment, Inc., which would give our people the opportunity to get to know Indiana. The idea behind the scholarship was that more of our students and future graduates would stay in the state of Indiana if they learned about the rich culture and history of India.

The first is the Holley Residential District, which was organized with the help of the Indiana Landmarks Foundation of Indiana. Other current research topics in Indiana include the growing wine and cheese industry in Indiana and the history of wine production in the state.

The Safe House Bar & Grill was once the George Hochbaum Sportsman's Club, which housed Crown Point's first bowling alley. The Old Lake County Courthouse was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974, and the new Lake County Government Center will open next year in the north of the city. Before a new prison was built, Crown Point and Lake County served as the site for a two-year, $1.5 million renovation of Lake City Hall.

The historic Holley County includes 20 homes and a church, including the Old Lake County Courthouse, the former Lake City Hall and the old Crown Point Municipal Building.

The keys to the safe were missing until the building was bought, renovated and reopened as the Northern Indiana Arts Association. Crown Point Institute School was opened in 1881 in the former Lake City Hall building, the first public school in Holley County. It includes a museum, library, art gallery and theatre, as well as a school for children and adults.

Today, many of Crown Point can still be seen, including the library and dogs, and there is a memorial in front of the community center honoring Solon Robison, who was the founder of Crown Point. President Andrew Jackson appointed him postmaster at a place he once wore at home, the Lake City Hall Building.

He lived in Crown Point until 1925, when he bought Crawford's house and lived there until his death. Doughboy was devoted to raising his children in several places in and around Crown Point when he found a permanent home. Today it is a popular stop in Kronach, but it no longer exists.

Fancher Lake and Lake County Fairgrounds are named after Richard Fanchher, who settled on land purchased by the Lake County Agricultural Society. Crown Point once had the distinction of being the owner of the land on which the Fountain Ridge subdivision is located. It operates as a commuter train to Chicago and serves as a stopover on the Green Belt Trail, whose southern section is south of the Green Belt Forest Preserve.

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More About Crown Point